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Achieving visibility in the media with a press office service that works

Having a press office that generates effective results is, today – when so much is made of sovereignty of content - an essential objective. Though it is true that there are guidelines and rules to be followed by a press office, it is equally true that each business needs to develop its own.

Encanto conferenza stampa
Journalists, bloggers and influencers, why holding a press conference is even more important today

Innovation, research, products that start trends, investment in sustainability: how much do businesses invest in order to defend their uniqueness in the market and bring improvements that the outside world should be told about? A lot, yet not all choose to do so.

Encanto Social Media
Social network and media: a single information flow for all media content

Being able to count on a media relations service from a PR company like Encanto Public Relations that manages a company’s social media, in addition to the press and website, means creating information with a unique firepower: a single information flow for all media content.

It is better for a business to avoid a crisis than manage one. But it is just as true, especially in Italy, that companies only begin to take interest in a crisis when it has already happened. Encanto has developed an SOS CRISIS service to take timely action in support of company management, even without adequate preparation behind it.
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Let’s learn from Warsteiner Bier

A social media idea with great journalistic appeal. In the Berlin Calling initiative set up by Warsteiner Bier, users created a guide to Berlin and became the protagonists of a social event.

Encanto conferenza stampa
Panasonic Solar, the eco-friendly liked by the media

The power of cross-media advertising, between traditional media and social networks, allowed Panasonic to reach an exceptional number of potential customers.

Encanto Social Media
Italian journalists are becoming increasingly more present on social media, but the road to multimediality is still long

“Audit Italian Press”, a quality analysis carried out by the Ixè Institute with the support of Encanto Public Relations, the first picture of how journalists use social media in their work.

PR Boutiques
Encanto Public Relations is a member of PR Boutiques International (PRBI), one of the largest networks in the PR sector. PRBI now includes 36 partner companies in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Encanto is the first company in Italy to become a member of this prestigious network. International Boutique PR was launched in 2008 with the aim of bringing together professionals with extensive experience in the public relations sector, in large companies or important agencies, who then successfully set up their own PR business.

Encanto digital
Encanto Arizona
Encanto in partnership with Arizona State University thanks to Global Experience. Encanto Public Relations continues a process of internationalisation through this partnership.
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We listen to 3000 journalists on Twitter: news social network
Encanto Solvay


Bloggers, everyone is crazy about Bicarbonato Solvay®

Fruit and vegetables, a recipe and a packet of the new Bicarbonato Solvay® Frutta & Verdura. These are the contents of the gift box sent by Encanto to the editorial teams of key newspapers and to the most popular food bloggers, to test first hand the new product launched on the market by the Belgian multinational. Bicarbonato Solvay® Frutta & Verdura was developed for food preparation and is as safe as ever but with special qualities that make it even more efficient for washing fruit and vegetables.The new formula in microgranules makes the product smoother and facilitates the removal of dirt without scratching the peel.

Encanto Elior


Elior Group and a new culinary experience by Silvio Garattini and Giancarlo Morelli

Journalists from the most important Italian newspapers, together with bloggers, opinion leaders and clients, took part in the evening event organized by Elior Group, leader in the field of catering. An exclusive event to talk about innovation, food and wellbeing with important guests including Silvio Garattini Director of the Mario Negri Institute and Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli, moderated by food blogger Lisa Casali.
The event took place at the Bodio Center in Milan where Elior has just opened two restaurants and where guests were able to try new menus created on basis of new principles that keep in line with health principles of Garattini and the flavours of Morelli recipes.

Encanto Pepsi
Pepsi, the American soft (drink) revolution in key Italian magazines

Published in the magazines Lettura (Corriere della Sera), D (La Repubblica) and The One. Interviews with Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer for Pepsi, tell us how design has made its mark in the strategy of this famous soft drink and not only. “Just look at the influence it is having in the world of food in general – explains Porcini – from the choice of prime materials of a product, to its preparation, presentation and the ways it is retailed and consumed”.

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EXPO 2015: The Korean Pavilion, among the most elegant in the whole of Expo

The beautiful Korean Pavilion has seen great appreciation: in just a week since its launch, hundreds of visitors have seen the exhibition and tasted Korean food.Italian and international journalists take turns to photograph and film the multimedia installations that tell the story of “Food of the Future” as a proposed solution for world’s problems of overeating and malnutrition.