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The cost-effective agency devised by clients

We believe in relationships as the most powerful lever of business. And we are an example. Encanto was founded on the needs of important companies looking for a service that was different from the ones already on the market. Something more similar to an “internal office”, but with all the advantages and flexibility of an external consultancy agency...

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The Internal Office Model

Encanto works as a division of the company with all the advantages of an external consultancy Each time a new client joins Encanto it changes our rhythm, habits, and language: new products, new words, new processes. This change is the premise that drives our work method: the internal office model.
Encanto operates like a division of the company, both supporting functions and offering all ...


PARTERRE of experts at disposal of our clients

Encanto works with a group of professionals who assist the agency with our clients’ needs analysis, but also in renovating our offer portfolio: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Research, Design Thinking, Video Mapping, Media Intelligence e-commerce, virtual events organization etc. just to name some.

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The only Agency in Italy of PR Boutiques International
Encanto is the only Italian agency appro-ved to be a member of the PR Boutiques International (PRBI) circuit, the largest worldwide network of independent PR agencies. It consists of over 45 associate agencies in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. PRBI was set up in 2008 with the objective of bringing to-gether communication companies...
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The microwaves against cellulite work and the results are immediate,” write all the Italian beauty magazines that have been able to verify the effectiveness of the innovative treatment on the patients at the centers they visited (Vogue.it). Just one year after the product's launch, Deka is confirmed as one of the most innovative companies on the Italian scene. Onda Coolwaves ™ is considered the latest innovation in the international aesthetic scene, with all Made in Italy technology, which is based on the use of special microwaves (the Coolwaves ™) to treat three different imperfections: cellulite, localized fat and relaxation skin.

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Forbes and select bloggers board Andrea Merloni's Super Mega Yacht

Technical and lifestyle press, including Forbes, but also select bloggers board the new Super Mega Yacht by Andrea Merloni. If it is a tailor-made yacht custom crafted by the owner and the Floating life Team, headed by Andrea Pezzini, who knows what it takes to get the job done. 

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The Republic of Korea surprises media and social media

Also this year the Republic of Korea at Fuorisalone has left everyone breathless, with a "transparent" installation placed on the border between black and white. A philosophical reflection on all the nuances that are in the middle. Kuho Jung (also creative director of the Fashion Week in Seoul) conceptualized this idea behind the installation. The Italian and international press and social media at the Salone 2019 event were entranced with his presentation.

Encanto has developed an SOS CRISIS service to take timely action in support of company management, even without adequate preparation behind it.We are already working alongside several companies for which coronavirus has caused problems related to personnel, production and sales. In these hours, every company must have a policy and a series of procedures and organize internal and external communication to limit potential contagion. 
Top management must prepare to be ready to answer to the media about an internal contagion. 
Better call Roberto Gazzini

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Encanto Arizona
 Thanks to Global Experience, Encanto Public Relations every year  hosts American university students studying public relations 
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We listen to 3000 journalists on Twitter: news social network
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Bloggers, everyone is crazy about Bicarbonato Solvay®

Fruit and vegetables, a recipe and a packet of the new Bicarbonato Solvay® Frutta & Verdura. These are the contents of the gift box sent by Encanto to the editorial teams of key newspapers and to the most popular food bloggers, to test first hand the new product launched on the market by the Belgian multinational. Bicarbonato Solvay® Frutta & Verdura was developed for food preparation and is as safe as ever but with special qualities that make it even more efficient for washing fruit and vegetables.The new formula in microgranules makes the product smoother and facilitates the removal of dirt without scratching the peel.

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Elior Group and a new culinary experience by Silvio Garattini and Giancarlo Morelli

Journalists from the most important Italian newspapers, together with bloggers, opinion leaders and clients, took part in the evening event organized by Elior Group, leader in the field of catering. An exclusive event to talk about innovation, food and wellbeing with important guests including Silvio Garattini Director of the Mario Negri Institute and Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli, moderated by food blogger Lisa Casali.
The event took place at the Bodio Center in Milan where Elior has just opened two restaurants and where guests were able to try new menus created on basis of new principles that keep in line with health principles of Garattini and the flavours of Morelli recipes.

Encanto Pepsi
Pepsi, the American soft (drink) revolution in key Italian magazines

Published in the magazines Lettura (Corriere della Sera), D (La Repubblica) and The One. Interviews with Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer for Pepsi, tell us how design has made its mark in the strategy of this famous soft drink and not only. “Just look at the influence it is having in the world of food in general – explains Porcini – from the choice of prime materials of a product, to its preparation, presentation and the ways it is retailed and consumed”.

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EXPO 2015: The Korean Pavilion, among the most elegant in the whole of Expo

The beautiful Korean Pavilion has seen great appreciation: in just a week since its launch, hundreds of visitors have seen the exhibition and tasted Korean food.Italian and international journalists take turns to photograph and film the multimedia installations that tell the story of “Food of the Future” as a proposed solution for world’s problems of overeating and malnutrition.